A very unique tool from Cormant-CS is the ability to make the changes on the run, with the user of Hand Held barcode scanners.

Unlike our competitors, almost anything can be modified with the Android, Windows Mobile or Bluetooth scanners. This includes details of devices (attributes), MAC work, Rack Layouts and full connectivity.

Changes to your infrastructure can be recorded where and when they happen. Changes are performed LIVE on the database when the scanners are used in ONLINE mode, or they changes can be recorded OFFLINE, and once the details have been recorded, the hand held can be synchronised with the main database either via a docking station (ethernet), or wirelessly.

With the addition of floor plans (that are identical to what is on the Cormant-CS desktop client), organisations can enable their staff to work much more efficiently.

Additional tools such as Auditing and Reporting fully enable your staff to have the power at their fingertips.