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Reach out today to chat about your options and how you can leverage your current investment to successfully migrate your data to a proven system and continue to provide management for your organisation.

Avantex are here to help you in your migration journey from Trellis/Vertiv.

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Avantex and Cormant-CS chosen to document the NSW Hospitals $20m HGEN IT infrastructure upgrade

eHealth planned Health Grade Enterprise Network (HGEN)

$1 billion Westmead Hospital precinct redevelopment

Hundreds of thousands of Assets and Ports

Cormant-CS with barcode scanners for 100% accuracy

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Avantex and Cormant-CS chosen to document Australia's largest IT deal ($1.2 billion)

Document over 420 sites across Australia

Hundreds of thousands of cable connections

Hundreds of thousands of Assets

Utilising Barcodes and Scanners

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Multiple mappings, external IDs, template mapping, logging , timing, system locations, conflict resolution and email alerting.

The Cormant-EDIS (External Data Integration Services) is available as an extension to the Cormant-CS DCIM solution and provides a plug-in framework for complex one or two-way interfaces.


Cormant EDIS

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Trusted Experts

Avantex boasts a 94% CUSTOMER RETENTION rate since 2003.

Trusted by the top 3 Australian Telco's, multiple Data Centre providers, Government, Airports, Banks, Uni's and more.

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Organisations can calculate their PUE  (power usage effectiveness) or their DCiE  (data centre infrastructure efficiency) directly  within Cormant-CS with the click of a button.

Moreover, the historical values can be automatically saved and historically reported on.

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100% Accurate Audits

Assets | server, comms, storage, any

Connectivity | fibre, copper, any

Any Size | Corporate, Government, Public, Private

Electronic | Audits save electronically


Shouldn’t your organisation strive for DCIM and beyond?

It’s nice to know that somebody has been around since 2003, providing a tried and trusted solution to customers in Australia and beyond.


The core of any systems success requires careful planning, but more importantly, flexibility.

Cormant-CS gives you, the customer, the ability to define what you want to record, with a fully customisable database.


Avantex provide comprehensive auditing services to many organisations around Australia.

You may require a simple audit of 100 cables in a small computer room, or a comprehensive audit of your entire campus, including racks, assets and connectivity.

Professional Services

We have built our strength over the years by providing exceptional Professional Service and support for our customers.

Whether a turn-key solution, or just some advice on deployment, we are here to drive your success.

Connectivity and Barcodes

Avantex are experts in cable connectivity and barcodes.

We supply over 80,000 barcodes per month to clients, for cables, patch panels, servers, switches, racks, and custom labels.

Australia’s leaders in asset and connectivity auditing since 2002

Australasian Distributor of Cormant-CS DCIM (formerly CableSolve)
Vertiv has discontinued its DCIM platform

Avantex Partners


At Nexon, we use technology to help our clients be more.

Our solutions can help you run more efficiently, create better user experiences and explore bigger opportunities.

We’ll design, build and support your entire I.T environment so that it directly supports your business goals.

Widely regarded as the technology innovation leader in energy management, helping data centres across the world to discover waste, improve operational efficiency, and optimise energy utilisation.

They provide customers globally with a range of intelligent PDUs, inline meters and other power devices.

Industry leading Barcode scanners for Android and Windows Mobile.

Fully integrated in to Cormant-CS DCIM suite for extensive Data Centre, Asset Management and Connectivity.

PUE is a business dedicated to providing the Data Centre design and build industry with the leading products from around the world.

Specifically, we represent the products that have proven quality, efficiency and performance.